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What Our Clients Say

We had a fantastic time at Total Golf School. They are very knowledgable and helped shave 5 strokes off my game!

When I first came to Pat for instruction, I didn’t even have the correct grip a competitive golfer should have.  Within weeks my game improved dramatically.  She reworked my swing and made me into a confident golfer, as well as enhanced my confidence to a new level mentally on the golf course.  I am not sure how she did it, but when asked a question about why this and that happened, she knew automatically and my problem was fixed!  Pat tells it like it is and that’s why I respect her. As far as instructors go, I have improved the most with Pat.  I can say I wouldn’t be where I am in my game as I head of to play college golf.  I plan to see Pat for lessons and will continue to become a better player

Pat has been teaching my son Jake, age 10, the game of golf for the last 4 years.  I cannot express in words the deep appreciation I have for the way Pat has assisted Jake in the technical as well as the mental approach to golf.  Her nurturing and caring teaching style mixed with the discipline a teacher must have to obtain the best from her students, has helped take Jake’s game to a competitive level.  Her ability and manner to explain to my son not only “what” to do to improve, but the “why” and the “how” is why he continues to improve, and why he enjoys Pat as his instructor.  Naturally as a parent I want the best teacher to develop Jake’s full potential on and off the golf course.  I can honestly say that Pat Jordan is not only one of the best teachers I have encountered, but more than that, she is a tremendous person.

Most comprehensive sports class that I have ever participated in.
Simple, clear and skillful training. I have already started to practice at home.
I am excited and hopeful that I will improve under your guidance.
Thanks so much for your expert time.

I look forward to the next one!